Kenosha Achievement Center


“About KAC” Video

In our main video, we want to establish KAC as a major platform of growth and success for persons with special needs. Through the video, our goal is to change the perception of what those with special needs are truly capable of; and to show the joy and opportunities that the program members experience with KAC.

“KAC Service Pillars” Videos

In the pillar videos, we aim to shine a spotlight on the speciality services KAC offers to the community: Adult, Children, Transportation, and Business services. These videos will dive deeper by applying interpersonal knowledge of the service and educating viewers to show the impact that KAC has in the community. Each video will have a thoughtful, cinematic approach to presenting an introduction of the subject, a “real-world” insight into the impact these services are making, captivating shots of those that run or are involved with each of the services, and closing remarks.


Inspiration & Past Work

KTEC x Snap-On

This video was used to illustrate that despite the opinion that kids are too young to handle “dangerous” tool, the kids at KTEC are quite capable, handle the tools safely, and have a blast in the process.

We hope to show the participants of the KAC program in an authentic way that captures the joy they experience while in the program. We want to use this video as a tool to disrupt the stereotypes associated with the disabled, showing just how ABLE they actually are.

Gallagher Corp. “About” Video

Just as the video above tells the story of Gallagher in an energetic, visually dynamic and comprehensive way, we hope to do the same for KAC.

We want to stay true to the heart of the KAC story while showing beautiful visuals that resonate emotionally with the audience. But even more importantly, we would deliberately utilize an exciting and fun soundtrack underneath that give a light-hearted and celebratory tone to the video as a whole.


It is our honor to work with you and we are thrilled to start on this exciting series of videos!

We hope to continue creating beautiful videos that will not only shine a light on KAC, but all of those who make KAC possible!

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.

~~ Our team at Gripko Productions ~~