Portland Fisherman’s Wharf

Kickstarter Video Project



Video Premise

A wharf in downtown Portland is at risk of being sold to a developer that intends to put hotels and commercial properties in its place. The greater implication is that by doing so, marine businesses in the area will be devastated and uproot the local fishermen and their families.

By creating a compelling video about this ongoing issue and the impact it is having on the community, our goal is to inspire others to save the wharf from this corporate wipeout.

We will develop a concept for the video that taps into the deeper story by engaging in discussion with fishermen, marine business people, local residents, regular customers of these businesses, and the possibility of local political and business leaders invested in the corporate redevelopment project.

Our production will be visually impactful and gritty while tapping into emotional, logical, and ethical appeals that support our argument.



Referenced Works


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Current Availability

(Subject to change)

September 11-18, 23-30

October 1-10, 13-27



It is our honor to work with you and we are thrilled to start on this exciting video concept to shine a light not only on the beauty and history of the fisherman’s wharf, but the greater impact it has on the community at large.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.

~~ Our team at Gripko Productions ~~