From Start to Finish

How do we manage the video production process?

1. Development

Where to start? Here at development!

Whether you'd like a video for your business but don't know where to start, or if you have a general idea in mind already, this is where we will help brainstorm, conceptualize, and develop an idea until we're ready to craft it into a compelling film. 

This usually involves a few meetings (in person, over the phone), lots of scratch paper, and a final agreement on the concept, which we can then proceed to...

2. Pre-Production

Planning, drafting, drawing... Here we handle the logistics of the shoot. 

We figure out what shots we need in order to carry out our vision by preparing shotlists, shot sheets, storyboards, etc. We scout locations for the perfect environment for a scene; we schedule dates for when we need to shoot; and set deadlines so we keep on track. 

3. Production

The fun part; this is where we do the shooting. 

Finally, all the arduous planning has been completed (which will prove to pay off during this stage of the project). We'll pack up our gear and drive to the shoot location, whether that be your business or a predetermined location.

Once we're ready to start, we'll...
Stand tripods, lay dolly tracks, stabilize rigs, strike the lights, dress the set, prep the talent, roll the camera, sound, ACTION!

Now we just finished up principal photography; everything we need to make your film is on our camera. We're ready to move to post.

4. Post-Production

Much like piecing together a puzzle, we edit the clips until we have a movie ready for you. 

"Post", as it's often referred to, is where we do the editing. We take all the clips that we shot during production, import it to our computers, match the audio to the video clips, find the right music for the mood of the film, correct the color from each shot, create a custom color grade to make the footage shine, and edit all these elements together on the timeline on our computer's non-linear editing program. 

Once that's done, we wait... at least until the footage is done rendering on our computer. Once the project is rendered, we upload it online, and prepare it for your desired delivery preferences. 

5. Delivery

That's a wrap!

The video is all done, and you finally get your end product. 

We'll help get it to you in whatever format you'd like; whether that be via an online download, a hard copy transfer on an HDD or DVD/Blu-Ray, etc.

If you're ready to get started with a video, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

The end result: Jeep "Pioneer" Commercial

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